Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Little Red Wagon

When I was a kid back in the stone age, every family with children had a little red wagon. A little red wagon that said , ' Radio Flyer', on the side. Some of our toys, most in fact, we made ourselves, like a pair of stilts that worried our mom to death when we walked on them, or stick horses, or bean flippers...any kid worth a his salt could make a good bean flipper by cutting a sturdy Y shaped branch and tieing two rubber bands cut from an old inner tube and a small piece of leather onto the Y branch. Every boy carried a pocket knife and I did too, I still do, as a matter of fact.

Marbles, we all had a bag of marbles...they were store bought and a staple in the life of country kids, as was the little red wagon. There was even an old song titled,'Won't you ride in my little red wagon?'. The little red wagon had many uses beyond coasting down the hill in it. It was used to carry chopped wood and kindling from out back to the house. It was used to carry vegetables from the garden to the house, and to carry corn to from the field to the barn . It was a toy and then some .

When I was a young mother, my own children had a little red wagon. Many times I would walk to the grocery store nearby with baby Donna riding in the little red wagon and then walk back home with baby Donna and groceries in the little red wagon.

Now in my 'golden years', as they're called, I still have a little red wagon and use it almost daily for one thing or another. It is handy to carry the bags of trash out to the dumpster, or to carry the big bags of dog food or bird seed from the car to the house or to carry my sewing kit ( kit must weigh 15 lbs.) and drapery material from my home to Linda's home about 200 feet away. When the guys were digging the trench on Linda's place this summer the little red wangon was the water wagon. It was kept busy hauling ice , soda, water , gatorade and all that stuff to keep the guys going.

I find it much eaiser to use the little red wagon than a wheel barrow for carrying things, especially if what is being carried is heavy. Where the wheel barrow is akward to handle, the little red wagon just tools along on four wheels nice and level and with no hassle.

The saddist thing I've ever used the little red wagon for was to carry my beloved Doberman Vokie, when he was too weak to stand and slipped down to the ground, alive, but just barely. I couldn't carry him for he was heavy. I put a blanket in my little red wagon and somehow I managed to get Vokie into the wagon. I was able to take him into the house by taking the little red wagon up the wheel-chair ramp to the front porch. I knew that my old friends' time was growing short , and so I took him into the living room so the other animals could say good-bye to him which they all did. I covered him with his blanket and there he died a short while later still in the little red wagon. The next day the little red wagon was the vehicle that carried him to his final resting place in the back yard.

Yesterday in the daily newspaper I saw an advertisement for Advanced Hearing Systems in Victorville. The good folks at Advanced Hearing Systems have a friendly French poodle named Charlie. Charlie meets and greets customers in the office. He is a good will ambassador. The picture in the ad was of Charlie sitting in a little red wagon that said ' Radio Flyer' on the side. Yeah, the little red wagon has stood the test of time and is here to stay and I couldn't be without mine.

Till next time.
Marion Springer