Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Best Things in Life are Free

I have always heard that the best things in life are free and over the years I have seen or heard a number of things that fit that description. Here are a few things that touched me and left lasting memories.

A spider web in the outside corner of our house where one room met another. The spider web was perfect. It was large, measuring about 12 inches or more in diameter and it was well anchored to the wall of the house. It was an architectural marvel and when it was covered with early morning dew drops and the sun was shining on the sparkling drops, it's beauty was was breathtaking.

And more sparkling drops of water and sun...Early one morning I sat in my car warming the engine up and in front of me all the sagebrush in my yard was full of morning dew drops. The morning sun shining on the dew drops turned them to tiny sparkling , shimmering colors of the rainbow...a real light show of my own in my own front yard. Then one afternoon after a rain shower all the native Creosote bushes to the west and on up the hill were covered with rain drops. The sun shining on the water droplets made them look like tiny sparkling lights...awesome, and it was free for my viewing pleasure.

A sound...I loved to hear a Commanche airplane with it's gear down in the traffic pattern for landing. It made a most beautiful melodic whistling sound...pure music.

Outside in the yard of our office I would hold out my hand and Ultralight, a Starling bird we had rescued when it fell out of it's nest as a baby, would fly to me and land in my hand. To see it hover in the wind then touch down so gently in my waiting hand was a special thing.

A Doberman Vokie had eyes only for me. He would spend much time just watching me. Docko would say that he could see pure love for me in Vokie's eyes. I could see it too.

Nature's beauty...In early spring, looking down from altitude when flying and seeing carpets of yellow mustard weed and then a little further on seeing carpets of purple Lupine flowers. So beautiful.

Wonderful scents...flying over the apple canneries in Sebastopol, Ca. and smelling the wonderful scent of apples being made into applesauce or apple jucie.

A feeling...of peace,contentment and pure joy when flying my gyrocopter.

Welcome sights...After being handed each one of my babies soon after it was born I would check it's fingers and toes and all parts of the tiny baby to see if everything was all right and feeling so happy when each baby was perfect. They are all grown up now and all are still perfect.

Till next time.
Marion Springer