Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Painting, Pigeons , Gyro friends and uncoorperating computers

Linda and I finally reached the end of painting the inside of her doublewide mobile home...well, almost finished that is. There is still some misc. painting of small itmes to be done, but the big stuff, walls and ceilings are done, thank goodness...now we start on hanging drapes . Bit by bit she is making the mobile home, HER home. A good feeling, for sure.

Out back there are six setting pigeon hens with two eggs per nest and a pair of baby pigeons about 5 days old in one nest. There have been times when for one reason or another I have been the caretaker of baby pigeons and it is astonishing how much more quickly they develop when the parent birds take care of them. Nature does it right!

Several weeks ago I set the young pigeon with the damaged beak free. I was concerned that he might not be accepted by the other birds because his beak and forehead have an unusual shape but so far he is doing very well. his beak healed well and he can forage with the rest of the birds. He seeks me out whenever I'm outside. He doesn't allow me to pick him up but I know he remembers me. That's a good feeling.

Hop Along, the one winged pigeon is hale and hardy. He is a miracle of survival spirit. It looks strange to see him flap his wings with a full size wing on the right side and a stub wing of about one inch on the left side. In the evening I cover one side of his cage to keep the table lamp from shining in his eyes so he just moves to the other side of his cage where he can continue to keep an eye on family activities and not miss anything. He has adapted well to his new life style.

I've been hanging out with gyro pilots again, even took Linda along this time. Gyro buddies Bobby Bettis and Teddy Udala were up over the weekend...well, actually, Teddy is a resident of El Mirage now but he still spends four days a week working down the hill. Bobby came up for a few days and the two of them, as is their custom, barbequed their dinner and we were invited. Tina and Dave came up late Saturday. After dinner we all sat around a roaring campfire and talked gyros. It was all of 9:30 PM when Linda and I got back home! For and old desert gal that seldom ventures out from home in the evenings that was staying out late indeed. Good dinner, good company, what could be better?

I bought a lap top computer last week and yesterday decided to get it up and running...like I know anything about getting new computers up and running! All went well for awhile then we ran into problems...by now Linda had taken over as I had run out of ideas and patience. She was making no progress at all so she said , "let's turn on the desk top computer and maybe somehow that will help us". Wouldn't you know, the desk top computer refused to go online for the first time ever.

All day she tried...nothing happened with either computer, both refused to go online. Finally Linda suggested that it must be phone line problems. I pooh pooed the idea. It was us, had to be. Phone line problems? naw, Linda, you're reaching! The telephone was working just fine. Big computer had worked fine earlier in the day. Finally, in desperation, she called the telephone company to see if they knew why the dial-up phone number wasn't connectig. Linda was right after all, it was the phone line. It turned out to be old Murphy at work...the phone company said there was a fire down the hill and the phone line had been damaged and that was the reason the computers were not responding. At least it wasn't something we had done to mess up the works.

Till next time.
Marion Springer