Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Smart juvenile pigeon . The great outdoors is not for him!

One of the two young pigeons that I set free yesterday is back in a cage in the house today. I mentioned before that some of them have a problem adjusting to the outside and this one did. The other pigeon that was released at the same time took to his freedom immediately. but this one, the one with the damaged beak was very scared and timid. He did leave the outside cage today but it was obvious that he was not comfortable. He relaxed when I picked him up to bring him back into the house.

His timidness would make him vulnerable to predators so I brought him back into the house and tonight he is one happy juvenile pigeon in his newly cleaned cage. It's my guess that he remembers that he was almost pecked to death in an outside cage like the one he was in today, Old memories die hard. Maybe in a week or so we will see if he is ready to face the great outdoors again . Then again, maybe he's no dummy... he is back inside where it's warm and safe and food is plentiful. He might never want to leave!

And Hop-Along just amazes me. He is playing with a string of plastic balls ( a toy for parakeets ) that is hanging in his cage. Maybe he is just bored! That ungrateful bird, he pecks my hand every time I reach into his cage to replinish his food and water. I guess if he wasn't tough he wouldn't have survieved the vicious attack that left him with one wing. It's amazing that he survived...when he was brought in, besides his broken wing dragging the ground, he had a chunk missing from the back of his head and his crop was torn open .

We could see seeds that he had eaten through the gaping wound in his chest. I thought his food and water would just go in his mouth and right on out through his chest. Taking him to a doctor was financially out of the question so we just decided to do what we could for him and if he made it , great, if not, then it wasn't meant to be. The hole in his chest healed as did the one on the back of his head. He even looks fine now. I'm glad he survived. It says what a fighter he is!

Tomorrow is the day that Linda will be home. Smart kid, summer is over and the weather is much more user-friendly now. She missed those three digit summer days we had this summer. It does take awhile to get climatized to desert summers. I will be happy to have her home.

Till next time.
Marion Springer