Friday, October 20, 2006

Remembering Halloweens from the past

My daughter Linda and I were talking tonight about Halloweens from the years when the children were growing up. Halloween was a big event in their lives. For weeks they would plan what they wanted to be on the big night when they would go out trick or treating.

In those days I made their costumes. One time I made ghost costumes for all four of them. They were virtually stair steps of four little ghosts with baby Donna the littlest one. She was only three years old. Of course I thought they were all darling and Donna was such a tiny little thing and she needed to be carried most of the time during trick or treating. I would take them around the neighborhood and they would collect candy then at home later I would take their night's bounty and dole it out to them a bit at a time lest they all end up with upset stomachs from all that sweet stuff.

Ah yes, a fun time for them and a busy time for me. My daughter Coby loved Halloween . She always made a big to-do for the neighborhood children even after her own daughter had grown up and was out on her own. Coby would stock up on candy and she delighted in having kids come to her home for trick or treat. She and Donna always carved pumpkins and really got into the spirit of the day. This will be the first Halloween for Donna without Coby for we lost her earlier this year. We all miss her and my heart will break for Donna when she has to get through this sad Halloween alone.

Linda was so far ahead of her time when years ago she wanted to write a book on how to carve a pumpkin. There were no such books on the market at the time and her idea would have found a ready market but sometimes good ideas, for one reason or another just never make it into production. And so it was with her good book idea. Today there are books galore on pumpkin carving !

Linda had another good idea way back even before the one on pumpkin carving books...She was still in elementary school when baseball cards were new and kids began trading them. She kept saying that baseball cards would be valuable in time and they should collect and keep the cards. Another good idea not acted on and look at the big business such cards are today. I tell you Docko and I did raise some smart children.

Later in life when our children were long gone from the nest Docko and I moved to a fairly remote place in the high desert. There were no families with children in the vicinity. But every year as Halloween drew near Docko would remind me to buy plenty of candy for trick or treaters. I would say, " but Docko, you know we never get kids at Halloween. There are just none around here". He knew that but it was a slick way of getting candy that he liked...he would say , " Be sure to buy the kind of candy we like, you know, the little chocolate bars ,just in case no one shows up". So I would stock up on his favorite candy and of course, the two of us would have bags and bags of little chocolate bars to eat because no one showed up for trick or treat.

Till next time.
Marion Springer