Sunday, October 08, 2006

One Happy Woman !

If there ever was a happy woman, it was Tina Tyler yesterday morning, Saturday, Oct, 7, 2006 when she soloed her Vortex gyro. I had been coaching her for a couple weekends in crow hops and the basics of properly getting a gyro into the air.

On Saturday morning early she made several 'balancing on the mains' taxi runs then with Dave, Teddy and me pacing along side her in a SUV she added just a bit more power and the gyro lifted off very beautifully . The take off was picture perfect. She came off in a level attitude, flew very solid and stable for about 150 feet at about 3 feet off the deck.

She then reduced power to idle and made a perfect landing. Then she yelled loud in absolute joy! And Teddy...sitting there with camera at the ready to catch the first lift-off, completely forgot the camera and just sat there open mouthed and watched the solo. So we have no pictures of the first take-off. Guess we will just have to see if she will do it again, and get a photo next time.

Tina wasn't the only one who was happy that day. Teddy, Dave and I shared her joy. She had to leave early to get back home and to work but that didn't stop the three of us from celebrating her accomplishment with a good dinner, barbequed by Teddy. Then we re-lived the morning over and over in conversation. The solo will live in Tina's memory forever and it will be a wonderful memory for her three side-kicks as well.

I tell you, I hang out with some pretty good people. we all speak the same language and that is gyros, of course .

Till next time
Marion Springer