Monday, October 09, 2006

A new Week and Linda is coming home Wednesday!

Today is a good day. I had a most enjoyable weekend with good gyro friends and today we start a new week. The high point of this week is that my daughter Linda,will be coming home on Wednesday. It will be good to have her home .

Early this morning I set two young pigeons free. They are called juveniles at their age which is about 2 1/2 to 3 months. The first one is a chick from a found egg that Coo hatched and raised to this age. The other one is a young bird I brought into the house when he was a baby . I found it bleeding from an attack from a setting hen. She had pecked holes in his head and in his beak.

He had all kinds of problems with his beak before it finalled healed. I wasn't sure it ever would and I was worried about him. He should be OK if the other birds don't pick on him because his beak looks different from the other birds.

It's probably as traumatic for me as it is for the young birds when I set them free. I start by placing them in one of the big cages in the yard. I leave the cage door open so they can go out or not as they choose. Usually they will stay in the cage all day for the first day. At nigh I close the cage door to keep night time predators out.

It doesn't take long before the newly freed birds are accepted by the other birds and are mixing in with them. There was one young bird awhile back that didn't adjust to his freedom at first. He would seek me out and sit near me when I was outside. He did that for several days so finally I brought him back inside for a week then re-released him. That time he adjusted well to being free and paid me no never mind when I was outside.

And there is Hop-Along. He is one strong bird. It's interesting to see him flap his good wing and the one inch or so stub of his missing wing. All his terrible looking injuries have healed and he seems content to be inside and cared for. He is a survivor!

Ok, time for me to get back to work on sculpting a White Buffalo Woman doll for Britta.

Til next time
Marion Springer